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  1. Result: The Saudi government has fought al-Qaida on its own turf and proved a sturdy ally against Iran, yet has failed to stem the flow of support for groups hostile to the US. The two countries disagree on the wave of protests in North Africa and the Middle East.

  2. Wu, who caught Niu Niu during the fall, said yesterday she was very happy that Niu Niu has awakened.

  3. Subscription Free Sign-up Visitors Newspaper PDF Website access 1-week trial limited Mobile apps Newsletter Price RMB 820/year RMB 500/year Free Free A POLICE officer in Jilin Province has been sentenced to 11 years in prison and fined 80,000 yuan (US$11,765) by Huichun People’s Court for kidnapping one of his superiors and demanding a ransom of 1 million yuan, a Jilin newspaper reported today.

  4. A storm surge is an offshore rise of water associated with a low pressure weather system, typically tropical cyclones and strong extratropical cyclones. These storms cause high winds that batter the ocean’s surface, creating massive waves.

  5. The rainstorms triggered flash floods and mud-rock flows and led to swollen rivers and burst dikes.

  6. Poaching is strictly banned even if the animals cause damage to the local herders and farmers, Tan said. The local government had paid more than 20 million yuan (US$2.9 million) in compensation to cover their losses over the past decade, he said.

  7. Although Mondays are the busiest morning rush of the week and the World Expo has put more people on the roads, students reached their test centers on time for the opening of the three-day exams.

  8. Some surviving miners said signs of the flooding were clear three hours ahead of the accident on Sunday but were ignored by their bosses, China News Service reported yesterday.

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  10. Wen’s trial will begin next Tuesday, the Beijing News quoted an insider as saying today.

  11. Anyone involved in the illegal manufacture and sale of guns faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

  12. Ye Jianhua, the police chief in Leibo County, said a DNA test was under way to confirm the identity of Li Peixiang, the ex-wife of Luo Kaiyou. The woman, now living in Tianjin in north China by a new name, reported to police on Thursday that she was Luo’s ex-wife and she left home in 1989 to marry another man in secret.

  13. The news agency said Fang Jiantang had admitted carrying out the attacks using a 60 centimeter knife, but his motive was unknown. Assailants in previous attacks have often suffered from mental illness, held grudges against their victims, or were angry over personal failures.

  14. Bu Wenxi, a “Weiniang” from Shenyang, in northeast China’s Liaoning Province, says most people cannot understand the preference to cross dress. Most of his friends are male. He says he doesn’t appreciate Liu Zhu parading himself for the media.

  15. The hostile forces want to deter China’s development, and view Xinjiang as the ideal place to launch sabotage activities, Zhu said. “We must always stay vigilant and have a clear understanding of the security situation.”

  16. THE Chinese government announced yesterday the lifting of the 20-year-old ban on entry for foreigners with HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and leprosy.

  17. Wei Hong, executive vice governor of Sichuan Province, told the press conference that the province had completed 94 percent of the work, in which nearly 3,000 new schools and more than 1,000 hospitals had been built or reconstructed.

  18. Most of the furniture was first transported to Shanghai’s Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone before being sent to the company’s warehouse in Qingpu District.

  19. Hu has been detained for vehicular manslaughter. His parents met Tan’s family on Saturday. Hu’s parents didn’t apologize, Tan’s friend said.

  20. The Great Wall was first built in the Warring States Period (475-221 BC). It was listed as a United Nations World Heritage Site in 1987.

  21. After Romney said he would repeal and replace regulations passed after the 2008 financial crisis, Obama responded: “Does anyone think there is too much oversight and regulation of Wall Street? Because if you do, then Governor Romney is your candidate.”

  22. The far-right British National Party is holding a march in central London on Saturday. They had originally planned to march in Woolwich in southeast London where Rigby was killed, but police stepped in, fearing it could ignite community tensions.

  23. We view the use of the Western press by members of the British royal family to spread the propaganda campaign against Russia on a pressing issue that is, the situation in Ukraine as unacceptable, outrageous and low. Russian diplomats are seeking an official explanation over the remarks which are especially emotive for a country that lost more people than any other in World War Two.

  24. Finally, July 23, 1827 is the anniversary of the opening of America’s first swimming school.

  25. Growing Stars is another company offering online tutoring. It works with children from grades three through twelve. It helps with math, English, science, physics, chemistry and biology. The company tutors are in India.

  26. Ethiopia has been seen as a close American ally in its support of anti-terrorism efforts in Somalia and East Africa. But the State Department has been critical of the government’s human rights record and use of new anti-terrorism laws to suppress free speech. American officials have also criticized the way in which the government held recent national elections.

  27. The reprisal, weeks before the annual hajj when thousands of Turkish pilgrims head to the Muslim holy places in Saudi Arabia on a route that would normally take them through Syrian airspace, came despite a flurry of diplomacy on Saturday intended to calm soaring tensions between the neighbors.

  28. Subscription Free Sign-up Visitors Newspaper PDF Website access 1-week trial limited Mobile apps Newsletter Price RMB 820/year RMB 500/year Free Free REPUBLICAN challenger Mitt Romney came out firing yesterday in his first presidential debate, attacking Barack Obama for economic policies he said had “crushed” the American middle class.

  29. The parents say their daughter has the mental capacity of a 6-year-old. She was living at a group home when she became pregnant. The couple concedes the pregnancy poses health risks to their epileptic daughter and the baby, but they say medical experts back them in their decision to continue the pregnancy.

  30. Eve-teasing is a common phrase used in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan to cover offences ranging from verbal abuse to sexual assault, though it is often criticized as a euphemism that hides serious crime.

  31. Harlem Biospace is an incubator for biomedical engineering. It gives young entrepreneurs a low-cost way to develop their ideas and businesses. For a low monthly payment, they are given desk space and use of a laboratory. The young people pay for their own raw materials.

  32. A woman who disappeared as a teenager a decade ago was reunited with her family after she went to police and told them her mother’s ex-boyfriend drugged and kidnapped her in 2004, forced her to marry him and fathered her child.

  33. There are now 32 clinics equipped with the latest technology to halt starvation, most within a few hours’ walk of affected families. If a child makes it to one of these centers in time, the chance of survival is remarkably high.

  34. A CAR bomb rocked a busy residential and commercial district in central Damascus yesterday, killing at least 15 people and sending a huge cloud of black smoke billowing over the capital’s skyline, Syrian state-run media said.

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